Website Wonders

These are some of the people whose talent and creativity

have made this website possible

Dr. Kaylin Woods, Pharm. D.

Dr. Woods is a pharmacist and one of the website developers for Aspiration Academy. She has always expressed a passion for helping individuals through participating in public service events, working on programs to aid those in under-served communities, and building partnerships with different philanthropic organizations.

Education is of high importance to Dr. Woods and she is excited about the beneficial impact Aspiration Academy will have on children within the program.

In her own words: "Education is a superpower! Science helps doctors formulate medicine to save lives. Math helps architects design structurally sound skyscrapers. Reading and literacy are the foundation for beautifully written books by famous novelists.

Aspiration Academy will give a child a chance to keep expanding their minds outside of school. My hope is that each child continues to fight for their education because they are our future superheroes."

Indigo Boggs

Indigo Boggs is a student at Florida Tech studying Astrobiology. She has been involved with charitable organizations throughout her life such as Buddy Walk, Girls on the Run, The Children's Hunger Project, and now Aspiration Academy.

Before helping these organizations, she spent her free time volunteering at Cape Canaveral Hospital, helping patients and doctors alike.

With her social media position, she hopes to gain a large outreach in helping to change the lives of these children. She is excited to get to work with so many fantastic people to make this dream come true and hopes that through her work, others will see this cause and become equally as passionate to help motivate these children through their education.

In her own words: "I hope that I can capture the essence of this organization and that more and more people will get involved and help us achieve our goal of helping these students who I know will go on to do great things to better all of our futures."