Dec 27, 2022 - Local Author's New Children's Book Debuts

Elizabeth M. Johnson

Auntie Nann

Local Author and Aspiration Academy board member Elizabeth M. Johnson, has done it again with a marvelous new children's book, Mamaw Mel's Kitchen.

Elizabeth M. Johnson, a longtime resident of the City of Palm Bay, and her Co-Author from Texas, Auntie Nann, are spreading the message “Take it Back to the basics” with their new release Mamaw Mel’s Kitchen. Take it Back to the Basics is a proclamation to bring the kids back to the table, back to the kitchen, and have hard conversations. Families have allowed the internet, social media, and schools to have meaningful conversations with their children for a long time. While those are great, they cannot replace the ones from home. Mamaw Mel’s Kitchen shares two recipes that can bring your children in, encourage a cooking experience, turn off the electronics, and families can have fun together. That is what Taking it Back to the Basics is all about.

Mamaw Mel’s Kitchen is a children’s chapter book that discusses topics such as Adoption, foster care, self-esteem, and community social issues. The authors also throw in some mystery and detective work to give an element of surprise to this fantastic story. Entertainment is always the key to winning children's hearts, but highlighting education is at the forefront of PlaTy’s mission, and literacy is essential. A key point in the book is that while sometimes you do sad things, it doesn’t make you a wrong person. In the end, love and friendship win, and there is nothing that can break the bond between a grandmother and granddaughter.

Book Synopsis:

Mamaw Mel and her Granddaughter Laneigha are on an adventure to bake treats for the community. Brownies and Lemon bars are on the menu as they bake their hearts out to bring delicious treats to the neighborhood children. When a fresh batch of lemon bars goes missing, they must look for clues to catch the culprit, but who could have done it? Trust goes a long way, and Mamaw Mel and Laneigha will leave no stone unturned to find the stolen treats. PlaTy Multimedia & Publishing is releasing Mamaw Mel’s Kitchen - Trust Goes a Long Way, the sixth book under its publishing company. It is available at and all major retailers.