Why coach students with limited access to coaching opportunities in reading and math?

Research demonstrates that a family's income

has a significant effect on a child's education level

Education is a key factor for children in lower-income families to change their social status

While Aspiration Academy cannot raise a family's income, we can motivate and
coach the high potential students and provide cultural and learning opportunities they might not enjoy due to financial considerations.

The zip code in which a child is born is often a predictor of future success or failure in school and life. High potential students with limited financial resources often lack access to extra learning opportunities such as a concert, the Children's Museum in Daytona Beach, Disney World, or the Brevard Zoo.

Children in lower-income families:

  • typically have been less aware of thousands of words as compared to kids from a more affluent family.

  • typically have been less exposed to the arts, museums, orchestras, and other cultural events.

These children may lack the opportunity to succeed

while most often they do not lack the talent to succeed.

Does money and opportunity matter?

Does Aspiration Academy matter?

Does your support matter?

Middle-class and wealthy families:

  • can provide extra cultural opportunities and learning for their children that lower-income families cannot.

  • can hire tutors to reinforce the knowledge that might not be absorbed by the child during regular schooling.

  • can provide more books, vacations, and conversations relating to these than a less affluent family.