Thomas Sowell

American economist, social theorist

"If students cannot master mathematics, there is a whole spectrum of professional occupations from which they will be automatically barred as adults.

And if they have also not mastered the English language, there is yet another range of professional occupations that will be, for all practical purposes, off-limits to them."

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Achieve a dramatic improvement in reading and math scores.

What we do to accomplish our mission:

Create opportunities with coaching and tutelage of students from marginalized communities who may have limited access to these opportunities.

Enable our students to reach their educational potential despite their environment, circumstances, or zip code.

Enhance our students learning and cultural experiences over and above existing programs so ably administered by Brevard Public Schools.

Ensure that our students do not drop out of school as we guide them to the highest education or job training level they are capable of achieving.

"Education is for improving the lives of others

and for leaving your community and world

better than you found it"

Marian Wright Edelman

American Activist for children's rights

Founder the Children's Defense Fund