How Our Students Will Succeed

What our students can control

We will help our students plan their own goals, set weekly schedules, evaluate their work, and realize that they have much control over their success.

What we value in our students

We will give our students unconditional love so that they will love themselves and what they are accomplishing. They will know that they are important as individuals, not just because they are above grade level.

What is important

Things that more affluent students enjoy, such as field trips to scientific, cultural, and other learning locations, will be a noticeable part of our curriculum and important to our students' learning experiences.

We'll talk, listen closely, and respond lovingly while coaching them in letters and numbers, and taking our students on field trips previously unimaginable due to financial considerations.

High but realistic goals

Goals for our students will be clear, concise, and attainable. We will stretch the concept of success for our students. We will recognize students who reach their individual goals as well as those of Aspiration Academy.

Strong relationships with students and teachers

Our teachers and coaches will be our greatest resources. All concerned, the student, parents, and teachers will be collectively responsible for reaching objectives and goals.