Educating Hearts

and Minds

Dr. Mae Jemison

First black woman in space

"Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations" Dr. Mae Jemison

Educans Animum Et Mentem

(Educating the mind and spirit)


Transform lives of young children by

creating an environment of intellectual

fervor, creativity, humanity, and pride


Demonstrate the practical value

of education in helping students

define their future success in the

classroom, careers, and beyond


Guide students with core values that exemplify the type of community

we seek to enrich

1) Academic excellence with family support

2) Creativity and innovation

3) Respect|Truth|Integrity|Determination

4) Community awareness and pride

5) Community involvement by the students

6) Respect for elders and authority

  • Aspiration Academy, at no cost to the Brevard Public School System, will be a gathering, after school hours, of select elementary school children who will enjoy an amplification and expansion of the learning experiences provided by their public school.

  • Aspiration Academy will provide additional education in a nurturing and robust learning environment.

  • Aspiration Academy will complement the Brevard Public School System experience by inspiring students to be excellent citizens with high values and pride in their identity.

  • Aspiration Academy will expand each child's heart and mind with local volunteering service projects and assistance to fellow students. This "giving" attitude, already inherent in youngsters will empower our students to discover even more of their inborn compassion and character.

  • Aspiration Academy will celebrate hard work with the knowledge that fueling the educational experience combined with each child's existing zeal for intellectual expansion will have extraordinary outcomes.